What is a SSL-TLS Cipher Suite

What is the SSL/TLS Cipher Suite?

The SSL/TLS Cipher Suite is one of the many cornerstones that keeps the Internet safe and helps to ensure that we have confidential and secure digital communications. This suite of cryptographic protocols is part of websites, applications, and networks, having the role of encrypting data exchanges, thus stopping malicious interception, and promoting trust among users. […]

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What is the SSL/TLS Protocol?

What is the SSL/TLS Protocol?

For many years now, the need for secure and private communication has been non-negotiable. On the Internet, this can be achieved thanks to the SSL/TLS protocols: indispensable mechanisms that work by ensuring that your data remains confidential and intact during its journey through the network. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and its successor TLS (Transport Layer

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What is the HTTP X-Recruiting Header?

X-Recruiting HTTP Header

Web developers are finding innovative ways to engage with their audience all the time, sometimes even beyond the traditional way of content delivery. One of these unconventional approaches is the use of custom HTTP headers, with the X-Recruiting header getting the attention of users navigating various websites. Unlike the standard HTTP headers, the X-Recruiting header

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